NYC Event Planning – F8

NYC Event Planning is not the easiest thing in the World to pull off. There is always traffic, crowds and lots of tight spaces to deal with. As a result, New York events demand a lot of attention to detail. If your event planner does not have expert knowledge and years of killer event experience then things often can and will go wrong. The JG2 Collective team has been in the event industry for years and we specialize in experiential events that are unforgettable. We make sure every aspect of your event is perfect and running on schedule. From planning to production and from Pre Pro to execution, we put ourselves on the line to make sure every detail is meticulously orchestrated. This is especially important for high visibility events like Universal Pictures Fate Of The Furious movie premiere. Set at the famous Radio City Music Hall, the premiere and fan experience for the 8th installment of the Furious franchise, wowed fans and attendees alike. JG2 Collective delivered the largest movie premiere ever at the famed iconic venue. We continuously throw the most amazing events on the East Coast and have partners all around the country that support us. Contact the JG2 team today for all your NYC event planning needs. We will go the extra mile for your brand!