Straight Outta Compton Movie Premiere

Movie premiere event planning in Los Angeles seems to have no limits, and Universal Pictures Straight Outta Compton movie premiere is a great example. For the much-anticipated World Premiere, Joel Goldman designed a massive vynil record flanked by large movie branding on slanted truss structures. This set the stage at the top of the black carpet for a live DJ to entertain bleachers of fans from his elevated DJ Tower. Extensive security requirements were met flawlessly within his design allowing fans and talent alike to have an exciting experience while the event complied with stringent requests. The after party was no less impressive as massive chain link chandeliers loomed over the party goers bearing the faces of the film’s main characters. This custom look captured the gritty authenticity of the film as well as the sheer enormity of NWA’s popularity and the powerful effect of these hard-hitting music icons had on the world. This movie premiere is a great example how far event planning has come in Los Angeles. Enjoy the photos!