Jack in the Box World Record

When Grandesign conspired with Jack In The Box to set the world record for the “world’s largest coupon”, they were right to bring their ambitious idea to Joel Goldman. Not only did they want to set the world record, they also wanted to hang their giant coupon from the side of a building in Hollywood and unveil it during a high visibility press event. They wanted a ground up, high-speed awe-inspiring reveal for their giant (80′ high x 25′ wide) record breaking coupon, and Joel didn’t even bat an eye. He spearheaded the design, engineering and construction of a wall-riding system with a potential lifting speed of 60′ per second. Once the system was in place, it was determined that 12′ per second would provide the most dramatic reveal. And that is exactly what it did. On March 25, 2015 press and public alike were amazed at the jaw-dropping activation when, on an entire side wall of the Hollywood W Hotel, the coupon was revealed and history was made. This was definitely a corporate event that Los Angeles will never forget.