Comic Con Activations & Event Design

One of the most anticipated sequels in history, BLADE RUNNER 2049 had fans clamoring for any insight into what the next installment of this incredible mega hit was going to deliver, and Comic Con was the place they were going to get it. As far as Comic Con Activations go, this was the real deal! The fantastic BLADE RUNNER 2049 EXPERIENCE at Comic Con gave eager fans the opportunity to step into the future. Props and set pieces from the movie, along with costumed characters and an incredible VR experience set the BLADE RUNNER 2049 exhibit apart from anything else at the Con that year. JG2 Collective was tapped to help support the production playing key roles in logistics, layouts and on-site project management. We just love the creative freedom and the spirit behind Comic Con Activations, get in touch with us to get your project noticed next year.